Period Care & PMS HBRX


For easy and pain-free periods

New Period Care & PMS HBRX
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90 veg Capsules per bottle
  • Provides relief from PMS system

  • Helps with problems like lower back pain and bloating*
  • Helps to manage emotional mood swings during menstrual cycle.*
  • Nourishes and supports the menstrual system for a healthy period.*

100% Natural, Maximum Strength for People Looking for Results

Stop Dreading that Time of the Month*

Period Care and PMS HBRX helps you get relief where you need it most.* Help get relief from menstrual periods that are excessive, irregular, absent, or painful.* Period Care and PMS HBRX helps to give relief from PMS symptoms.* Symptoms including mood swings, food craving, fatigue, irritability, depression, menstrual pain, and cramping.*

Long Lasting Results - Combat PMS Naturally*

Period Care & PMS HBRX is an advanced formula.* This formula combines the powerful synergy of current science and traditional

herbal medicine

.* Period Care & PMS HBRX provides complete support for your monthly cycle.* Engineered to support the normal hormone function of today's active female.* Period Care & PMS HBRX stimulates your body's natural healing response to relieve symptoms.* All without side effects.*

Feel Normal Again- No More Mood Swings*

Get relief from mood swings that are making you feel crazy.* Stop feeling tired and start feeling normal.* Period Care & PMS HBRX helps support and balance hormones.* Plus Period Care & PMS HBRX helps you treat the root of hormonal dysfunction.* So you don't get relief from the symptoms, you get a long-lasting solution that works.* Start getting help where you need it most through all life's many hormonal changes.*

Doctor Endorsements - Clinical Ingredients*

Doctor's endorse Period Care & PMS HBRX because every ingredient gets results.* Period Care & PMS HBRX utilizes the latest in botanical research.* Doctor's developed Period Care & PMS HBRX to promote a balanced premenstrual support formula.* Every ingredient created by nature, proven by science and verified by doctors.*



  • Endorsed By Doctors And Biomedical Researchers*
  • Attacks The Root, For Long Lasting Relief*
  • The Fast, Natural,

    Effective Menstration & PMS Relief

  • Helps to Prevent Bloating & Water Weight Gain*
  • Help to Prevent Mild Depression
    & Mood Swings*
  • Helps to Prevent Painful Menstruation & Cramping*
  • Helps Prevent Discomfort, Aches & Irritability*
  • Helps Relieve Headaches
    and Lower Back Pain*
  • Helps Maintain Normal Hormonal Levels*
  • Help to Prevent Breast Tenderness*
Buddha Tree
Saraca Indica

The grounds of royal palaces and temples - treasure this tree. People believe that the Goddess of fertility resides at the bottom of this tree. The name of this tree means ?remover of sorrow.? The tree has many properties that live up to its name.* The tree bark contains a natural source of phytoestrogens.* These phytoestrogens help to relieve: ovarian cysts, painful periods and excessive bleeding during periods.*

Symplocos Bark
Symplocos Racemosa

Found in the tropics and subtropics of Asia, Australia, and America. Symplocos Bark extracts are beneficial in relieving excessive menstrual flow and irregular discharge.* Symplocos Bark contains natural astringent properties and anti-inflammatory properties.* Studies have reported that Symplocos Bark stimulates and increases the levels of reproductive hormones.* Helping to prevent mood swings and PMS Symptoms - so you stay balanced.*


Dashmool means 'ten roots' referring to the ten traditional ingredients of the formula. Dashmool is a group of ten herbs which can help regulate the menstrual cycle.* 10 Root Powder is a well known uterine tonics & anti-inflammatory.* It nourishes and unifies the muscles, strengthens the body, and calms the nervous system.* These properties help to give relief in muscle cramps and irritation during menstruation.*

Tree Turmeric
Berberis Aristata

Tree Tumeric is native to the Himalayas. People around the world for years have used Tree Tumeric as a herb of choice for irregular menstruation.* Including the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding with pain, and irregular menstrual discharge.* The root of Tree Tumeric possesses strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial effects.* These properties make Tree Tumeric effective at treating the symptoms of irregular periods as well as the cause.*

Asparagus Racemosus

Shatavari: the menstrual miracle found in the jungle.* The word Shatavari means she who has ?a hundred husbands.? Rumored to be more effective then Maca at helping emotional imbalances.* Shatavari is a herb that helps regulates hormonal secretion.* Shatavari is considered to be one of the most helpful herbs for women.* Shatavari nourishes and cleanses the blood and the female reproductive organs.* It is also the best source of plant-derived estrogens.* So you can start feeling balanced again.*

Mesua Ferrea
Mesua Ferrea

Used as an antidote for snake poison, is where Cobra's Saffron famed name originated.* Cobra's Saffron is most effective in restoring the body of bleeding disorders.* Cobra's Saffron also works as a hemostatic herb.* This hemostatic property means Cobra's Saffron helps to reduce and regulate excessive bleeding from the body.* Making it an effective at treating conditions including regulating menstrual flow.*

Herbapex Exclusive
Metabolic Bio Enhancers

Blended and created to give you the most efficient combination possible.* Our Exclusive ? Metabolic Bio Enhancers work with your body. Helping you to absorb the synergistic effect of this potent formula.* Giving you the fastest natural results possible in every Herbapex formula.*

Every ingredient inside of every Herbapex formulation is carefully selected to combine with the other ingredients for maximum potency. Every serving contains only scientific based ingredients to get you the powerful and revolutionary results you want.
Did you know that many supplements don't contain the ingredients on the label? Every batch of Herbapex's formulations are organically sourced, so you can be sure that you're getting what's on the label. Each order is made in small batches with many quality checks in place - it costs us more, but it guarantees you purity and quality.
Our formulas are made for sensitive people, every single one of our formulations are completely pure, hypoallergenic, and our capsules are vegetarian. We are a company proud to be free of binders, artificial flavors or sweeteners, coatings, shellacs, artificial colors, dyes, fragrances, or magnesium stearate.
Every ingredient inside of every formulation is carefully picked and tested by our team of highly qualified doctors. When you see the Herbapex HBRx Logo, you know you are getting a product that is optimized for quality and effectiveness.
You always see what you are getting in our supplements clearly marked on the label, and clarified on the Herbapex website, Not convinced? Research our list of ingredients or contact our support team for a list of research studies. Nothing is wasted inside of each capsule, so every milligram is made to achieve your health goals.
Herbapex formulations do not try to solve the problem by scratching the surface; It goes to the root of the problem and attacks your ailment where it begins. By focusing on actually treating the root causes of an ailment as opposed to just masking the symptoms. You get holistic health results that are long lasting and side effect free.
Period Care & PMS HBRX
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Period Care & PMS HBRX


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Unbelievable Solution for Serious Bouts of PMS

All of my life, I have had trouble with horrible mood swings, brought about by my PMS. We’re talking extreme mood swings here, not just a quick cry at the office or something which can be solved with a bag of candy. There have been times when I have felt suicidal and thought about ending my own life – that is how miserable my PMS has made me in the past. I knew I needed help badly, so I started taking these pills. I have had two more periods whilst on the pills and, unbelievably, I have felt pretty fine throughout both. No suicidal thoughts, no aggression towards my husband (he loves these pills too), and no feeling helpless. I’m not joking when I say that these pills have changed my life and I want to thank all of the reviewers who suggested I try them.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Great Product – Buy It Today

This product does what it says on the box – it alleviates and soothes the nastier symptoms of PMS (mood swings, stomach pains, etc.), but it does take a little while to start working. It would have been a five star product for me if it worked faster.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hope I Never Have To Be Without This Product

Herbapex Period Care has had an unbelievable impact on my daily life. I am sleeping better (insomnia was always a problem just before my period) and feeling a lot less hormonal and emotional.


Monday, September 07, 2015

This Pill Helps My Crazy Monthly Cycles

I have just turned 46 and have spent more than one afternoon at the doctor’s office trying to find solutions for low cortisol and progesterone levels. Obviously, there are a lot of changes happening to my body – I know that I can’t be too far away from the old ‘change of life’ now – but crazy and irregular monthly cycles have made my life a bit of a misery. For a couple of years now, it has been almost impossible to predict when my period will arrive, how long it will last, and whether or not it will stop completely in the interim. It has made it hard to go out without worrying about spotting or unexpected bleeding and I’ve pleaded with my doctor to fix the issue. Luckily, the Period Care and PMs have worked wonders for my monthly. I take the recommended dosage each and every morning and I get to enjoy a cycle which never creeps up on me.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

So Glad This Product Is Available

A couple of my female friends suggested this product, because they know I tend to get hit by quite deep bouts of sadness just before my period. It doesn’t help that I’ve had bad acne for a long time too and it is all linked with my hormones being one big mess of NO and PLEASE GO AWAY. My bouts of depression got so severe, at one point, I had to actually leave the house (and my husband and kids) for the week and stay in a hotel, because I was in danger of driving them all insane. This product always appealed to me, because I was keen not to have to use birth control to get a hold of my PMS symptoms. Fortunately, this supplement works fast (I experienced mild symptoms for the first month and almost no symptoms during the second) two a day ends up being enough. I only take two, at a maximum, because my symptoms have always lessened or disappeared fast enough to make two pills enough. Addicted, thank you!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

What an Amazing Product

I read a tonne of really positive reviews for this product, before I decided to take the plunge and give it a go myself. Let me say, I am very glad that I did. I have an illness called endometriosis which leads to a scary amount of pain every time that my period approaches. It is not uncommon for me to be confined to my bed for days at a time, because I am in such agony. As you can imagine, I have done everything possible to try and find a solution to the problem, particularly since my daughter is only three years old and gets very upset when she sees me in pain. But after trying pills and supplements and medications from a number of different doctors, I was still in so much pain. I finally found a muscle relaxer which has a reasonably soothing effect on the pain, but it is a costly little thing which comes in tiny tubes and I cannot afford to keep up with buying it every month. That is why I am so grateful to have found Period Care and PMS HBRX which alleviate the worst symptoms of my endometriosis and help me get on with things, even if I am due to get my monthly. Worth it.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy All the Time Now

There is only one product which can stomp my PMS symptoms into the ground. I take these pills – Period Care & PMS (I call them my ‘happy sweets’) and the aches and pains, as well as the urge to kill somebody, all disappear.


Friday, August 07, 2015

Couldn't Live Without These Pills

For most women, myself included, the 7-10 days before a cycle starts are a precious little gift straight from God – only joking. These days are horrendous for a lot of ladies; symptoms include bloating, crazy food cravings (I could live on marshmallows and toffee popcorn), extreme mood swings which make Mariah Carey look like Snow White, and the urge to burst into tears at every saccharine moment on television (honestly, I find myself tearing up at Two and a Half Men sometimes – I know, right). Anyway, if you find yourself turning into a misty eyed and puffy faced Marlon Brando lookalike with cookie crumbs in her hair once a month, it could be time to pick up this wonder PMS product, like I did recently. Honestly, all jokes aside, it helped me immensely. The only important piece of advice is to make sure that you always take the pills around two to three weeks before your period starts for best results, that gives the drug the ability to really work. The pills will not make you feel sleepy like Midol either, so you can use them at work or anywhere else you might need to keep a clear head. No side effects just relief.


Monday, July 20, 2015

My Life Has Been Transformed

These pills are amazing. I suffer from severe anxiety and deep depression every time I get my period (the symptoms are worse in the 3-4 days beforehand). But I bought Period Care & PMS and, for the last four months, I have pretty much breezed through the hard bits. There have been a couple of wobbly moments (I burst into tears five tears during an episode of Hart of Dixie), but apart from that, it has been plain sailing.


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Your Husband Will Love These Pills

During the week before my period, and before I got my hands on period care HBRx, I used to spend at least three days wishing I could lock screaming toddlers in cupboards, throw coins in the faces of slow cashiers, and slap my husband every time he asked if I was okay. I only took a break from mentally laying waste to society to eat chocolate, look disgustedly in the mirror, and watch soaps. Now, with these miracle PMS pills in my handbag, I do this thing called – wait for it – smiling. If you are really lucky, you might even catch a laugh; there was a time I could barely stomach a grimace (too much effort) when pre-menstrual.

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