The directions on some Herbapex labels say take "before" or "after" meals, how long before or after a meal?

We have found for best results take 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after meals, for maximum absorption.

Can your supplements be taken ongoing for an indefinite period of time? Or do you have to take them for few weeks and then stop for a while?

All Herbapex formulations are safe and tested to take indefinitely. We recommend taking the formulations continuously for 3 months for best results.

What is the optimal time to take Herbapex formulas can they be taken indefinitely, or only a short time?

All Herbapex formulas have been proven safe and effective and can be taken long term. We suggest your formula be taken for a minimum of three months to receive the best results.

For Best Results

Short-Term Health Concern - We recommend that you take the product until the concern is resolved, for short term and immediate concerns.

Ongoing Health Concern - (e.g. for stress, joint health, liver function, etc.), we recommend that you continue taking the product as long as the desired health benefits are being experienced, which could be for any long-term period of time.

I am concerned that there is Black Nightshade in your Liver Health HBRX; is it OK to take Black Nightshade?

Herbapex uses only the ripe berries from the Black Nightshade, heavily tested to show NO detectable toxic compounds, so you get all the valuable protective and liver detoxification compounds with no health risks. Additionally, the health protective benefits of Black Nightshade on liver health has been clinically tested and have showed no adverse side effects when taken in appropriate amounts.

Can I take more than then the recommended dosage?

Our formulas are created with known benefits achieved at specific dosages. We recommend following our label directions. The directed serving has been established through studies to provide efficacy and safety to anyone taking the formulation. Through widespread use worldwide, NO adverse reactions have been reported, with Herbapex formulations.

Should women take Period Care and PMS HBRX ongoing, or only during their cycle?

We suggest your formula be taken for a minimum of three month consecutively to receive the best results.

Are your formulas and pure herbs okay for pregnant and nursing women?

We suggest consulting your healthcare provider to discuss herbal supplementation, before beginning any herbal supplementation whether you are pregnant or nursing for best results.

What is "hydroxypropyl methycellulose" found in your capsules?

"Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose," which is the technical name for the one ingredient that is the plant-sourced capsule, it is written in it’s technical form because it is required by the FDA. Rest assured it is just the technical form of saying “Vegetable Capsules.”

What do you do to ensure the quality and purity of every product in your line??

All of our products are produced in a U.S. certified GMP facility, with batch testing at THREE points in the process:

  1. After Harvest
  2. After the extraction
  3. After final tableting or encapsulating

These tests include potency, profile, heavy metals, microbial count, and pesticides. We we are confident that no other product on the shelves under goes more quality assurance then all Herbapex products.

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